Realtors: How To Finish Your 2019 Strong

The summer is coming to an end and we just have one quarter left in the business year so let me ask you some questions? Are you on target for the year? Are you ahead of your target? Are you behind on your target? So what’s holding you back? What fears are weighing you down? What is making you overwhelmed? This week we are getting back to the fundamentals of our business and finishing your year in real estate strong. The past is the past. Time to just move forward!!! All we need is a little momentum and get that giant stone of business to start rolling with this action plan I believe you can…..

1.)    Low Lying Fruit – What would help me get paid today??

a) Get A Saleable Listing
b) Get A Price Reduction
c) Present A Reverse Offer To Interested Buyers. Seller and their agent make the offer to the buyers sitting on the fence. Start the process!
d) Find Something For My Hottest Buyers To Buy
e) Get A Buyer To Sign An Exclusive buyer agreement.
f) Get A Private Seller To Sign A Fee Agreement or Exclusive Listing and find them a buyer. Doesn’t have to be on the MLS to work a listing.

2.)    No More Getting Lucky – Time to work on our

a) Seller Counselling Skills
b) Buyer Conversion Skills
c) Questioning Skills
d) Presentation Skills
e) Pre Listing Packages
f) Pre Buyer Packages
g) Closing Skills
h) Advisor Skills

3.)    Full Contact Sport –

a) Present Offers Face To Face
b) Present Counters Face To Face
c) Get Signatures In Person
d) Take Clients Their Paperwork In Person
e) Meet Your Clients At The Office For Advisement Session

4.)    The Gift Of Time –

a) Coffee, Lunch, Breakfast
b) Pop By gifts just because
c) Phone Calls, Texts
d) Calendars, Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, House anniversary cards.
e) Hand Written Personal Notes
f) Client Event
g) Complimentary CMA
h) Business Directory Book
i) Past client visits

5.)    Face To Face Activities –

a) Open House
b) Mall Kiosk
c) Door Knock ( Just Sold, Bona Fide Buyer )
d) Networking event
e) Volunteer

6.)    Planning 2019 – 2020

a) Business Plan
b) Marketing Plan
c) Budgeting
d) Track, Plan, Measure
e) Implementation Execution

7. Set 90-day goals and an activity plan for the next 90 days. Written out and commit on execution. No excuses!!

8.)    Make a list of activities that generated your business this year. Now go do what already has made you money and do more of it!

Let us recap…..Change Your Mindset ( Hunt or be hunted! ) Worry about the things you can control and not the things you cannot control. Get Face To Face, STP (see the people), Implement & Execute or your intentions are wasted. Do what you already know works. Back To Basics. Practice Your Skills vs. Being Lucky. Be Intentional, Strategic and Planned. Do More Of What Always Worked. Give Others Your Greatest Gifts ( Your Time, Touch, Talents and Treasures).

I dare you to think, act and be bigger than you have been this last quarter and finish strong!!!

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