How To Enhance Your Online Reputation

Google search “Best realtor in ________ (your home town)” what do you see? Do you see yourself? Do you have an online presence? Reputation? Can you be found and recommended?

Fact: 90% of Consumers are influenced by third party online reviews.

Fact: 80% of Consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendations

Fact: Negative online reviews will make clients hit the back button & choose someone else. 43% of clients won’t choose a realtor with less than a 4 star Google rating. (source brightlocal)


Zillow reviews 36 million views a month reviews 18 million views a month

Yelp more than 26,000 reviews

Google 100 billion review searches every 30 days

Did you know? Millennials would rather find an agent with Good reviews. Referrals don’t mean much to them. The old model was we see and read, we present and they refer us and now they search online, read reviews and use us.

Step 1 – Listing and Buyer Presentations

Step 2 – The High Point In The Transaction

Step 3 – At The Closing Table

TIP – How to create your own 5 Star review link to send to your client.

* Sign into Google My Business. If you have multiple locations, open the location you’d like to manage. *In the menu on the left, click Home. *In the “Get more reviews” card, you can copy your short URL to share with customers.

TIP – Check out simple and powerful way to boost your online reputation.

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