Part 2: What Realtors Can Do In A Time Like This To Keep Momentum?

Continuing with the question of “As a Realtors, what can you do in a time like this?”, the answer is we dig into our resourcefulness and resilience to do something we all love which is real estate.

As a reminder, this is a time to serve, not a time to sell. This is a time for earning relationships and not market share.

  1. Unaddressed Ad Mail: Be the community supporter. One of our Realtors has created postcards of encouragement with her artwork that people in her neighbourhood can put on their fridge. She will be remembered well. Offering to help pick up groceries or other services for your clients will also be remembered with kindness. How are you serving your community or geographic farm right now?
  2. Door to Door (Please Do Not Knock!) Tuck in their door a Flyer, Postcard or hang a paper door hanger with a messaging offering to help pick up, deliver or connect them with a service provider you know. Are you offering to help others?
  3. Online Leads: Before paying precious dollars on online leads, follow up with every old lead you have first and don’t spend until you’ve completed this. You will be amazed at the response. Have you followed up with all your old leads yet?
  4. FB Ad Lead Gen: Do it yourself. If you don’t know how, watch this video tutorial:
  5. Drop By’s (Not Pop By’s): After calling your client and listening for their need during the call, get in your car and drop off something to serve that need or just something unexpected. You likely have excess chocolate left over from last weekend. Or something as simple as a little hand written note offering help to pick up, deliver or anything as their community Realtor is considered serving and will be remembered. Have you connected with an offer of support and service?
  6. Be a Virtual Host – Coffee, Lunch or Happy Hour: Using Zoom or Google Hangouts to invite your friends and clients for an hour of sharing and connecting allows us to create community and deepen our relationships with others. Think of how you would feel if you were invited to join a group hangout online. Even if you turned it down, wouldn’t you remember the nice feeling of being included by someone?
  7. B2B Facebook Pages: Create a COVID-19 (name of your municipality) Small Business Support Page and set it up as a platform for support, allowing businesses a way to discuss how they’re dealing with this situation. Don’t know what to ask? Try “What’s working? And what’s not working?”

Hopefully the above will help encourage you to serve others this and next week. This is when the community needs you most. Remember this is a time to serve others. Be seen as a builder of community with no expectation of benefit and you will receive.

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