1/3 of 2020 has past. Now what?

It’s hard to believe that over a third of 2020 has now come and gone for us all. With almost two thirds of the year remaining how do we plan for the remainder or the year? Let’s look at the top 10 activities we can perform to reset and make the most of the remainder of 2020.

1. TOP DOWN PLANNING – time to redo our numbers for an 8 month year. Figure out our income goal for the next 8 months and then determine the number of people we need to talk to a day, the number of appointments we need a week and the number of deals we need a month to make our 2020 eight month income goal!

2. NEW 90 DAY GOALS – set new 90 day goals for yourself, your business, your finances, your relationships and your fun and spirituality. Why 90 days? For those over achievers you can set new ones after you crushed them in 60 days. For those slow starters you can kick yourself in the pants and get them done after you haven’t started them the last 90 days. Makes more sense than having longer term goals wouldn’t you agree?

3. BUDGETS – sit down and figure out what the minimum monthly non negotiable expenses monthly are for yourself at home and at work. We can then have a clearer picture of what we need to make and where we need to cut back. The scary part for us all is looking at what we were spending.

4. SCHEDULE – Jim Rohn famous business philosopher said “finish the week before it begins” Every Sunday I take the time to block out and lay out the upcoming week. Putting in time for myself, family and friends first. Then for business and all that I need to schedule for the coming week. If we don’t decide then someone else or something else will and the week is lost!

5. 7 – 60 DAY MARKETING PLAN – schedule out your marketing activity plan every 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 days in advance. What am doing? When am I doing? Who am I doing? How am I doing? See it and commit to it!

6. DATABASE – always amazes me how many agents have not taken the time to assemble, sort and qualify their database. The foundation to all top agents success. Build it and it will come!!

7. DATABASE – once you have built it then add value to it. The universal powerful principle of reciprocity. Get to get. Build a touch value add system and watch it all come back.

8. SYSTEMS – CHECKLISTS – PROCESSES – one of the best books ever written for small business owners was the E-myth Revisited by M. Gerber and the power in systems, processes, and checklists. Keeps us consistently consistent!

9. TOOLS – PRE LIST PKG, PRE BUY PKG, LISTING, PRICE & BUYER PRESENTATIONS – time to polish and revamp and rejuvenate our tools in our tool kit. How are yours looking today? Then take the time to work with them daily and master the art of sales.

10. SCRIPTS, DIALOGS, ROLE PLAY – F.O.R.D., MAYOR, OBJECTIONS, PRESENTATIONS – what to say and how to say it is key to any communicators success. Practice in the office and not in the field on your clients. Record and replay how you say, sound and really communicate and are you truly effective?

So there you have it. Time to reset the remainder of 2020 and take the most out of the remaining 66% of our year. Be encouraged. We will get through this!

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