Listing & Lead Strategies: Summer 2020

We have all heard the unwritten rule in real estate “List to Last.” N.A.R. reports state it takes four times the effort servicing a buyer than servicing a seller. Everyone wants to know the secret to working smarter and not working harder and in our business it’s Listings!

Here are the top ways agents are getting listings and setting themselves up for a fantastic Q3 in real estate.

1. Your Database – you always start with the people you already know, like and trust. Small talk with them first and check in to see how they are doing, don’t jump right into business please. Just before you hang up almost like an after-thought.  Ask them this question….“Of all the people you know, who would be moving next?” and watch what happens for you.

2. If we don’t ask then we don’t get. Ask your database by Emails, Post Cards, Texts, Video emails or Social Media Posts “Wade Is Now Taking New Listings” inventory levels and competition for selling is low and now it the time to List! Thinking of selling Call Now!

3. Take the time to prepare unsolicited CMA packages for your database, which include a snapshot of comparables to give them an idea what their home is worth, but don’t put the range or estimated sale price in your package. Then hand deliver or mail them to all your past clients. Call them 3 days later and ask them. “Did they get it? Any questions? Any other properties I can evaluate? Reason for the CMA was to ensure your insurance coverage was high enough, tax purposes and retirement planning. Any other people you know I could provide this valuable service for?

4. Geographic Farming – find a building or neighborhood that has more than a 6% annual turn-over rate. Then you find all the mailing addresses of the residents so you can direct mail ( not unaddressed mail ) each resident 3 times a year. Create a branded newsletter for the farm area that contains every important statistic for the residents like sales, listings, days on market, absorption rate, cost per square foot, etc. Personally mail them the newsletter. Create a landing page website that matches your newsletter to reinforce your perception of being the expert.

5. Expired Listings – If your marketplace allows you to do expireds. Check with your broker first. They already own a home, want to sell, want to work with an agent and pay our fees. Does it get any better than this?! Everyone is mailing and calling. I am a huge believer and say go knock on their door and go see them! They need to see me to decide whether they like or trust me first!

6. Door knock – Using a bona fide buyer or a just sold and have buyers still looking in your area. Both of these methods work because they trigger some sense of urgency with people when they know we have a buyer for their home or someone just sold for a significant amount of money and you may have another buyer for their home.

7. Open house – Another great way to connect with people who want to buy but they have something else to sell before they can buy. I love the face to face activity because it is where we all are at our best.

8. Direct mail – Using a bona fide buyer or a just sold but have buyers still looking. Just like the door knock approach this is the most effective way to get listing appointments. The direct mail and then follow up door knock is a fantastic one two punch for generating listing appointments!

9. FSBO – They already own a home, they want to sell. They don’t want to pay the fees but if they can’t sell they tend to list with an agent after 10 weeks of trying themselves.

10. B2B – Creating value and interacting with other business owners and other service providers in our community is such an untapped area for most agents. Do a business video shout out with the owners and encourage to buy local. Run a gift card giveaway with a small business owner to your people and that businesses people. So many agents don’t go after the B2B and focus only on the P2P.

11. Online Ads – What’s my home worth? Or curious of how much equity you have in your home??  (FB, Google PPC) running ad campaigns targeting consumers with click ads to get their value of their home has been something we have used the last number of years now. Hire a VA on create FB, Instagram ads for you. Have the ad click to go to a landing page from then the form send their contact info to your email.

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