It’s time to finish what you started

Today, let’s talk about keeping motivated to finish the race, your race. Every day between now and 2021 counts.

Maybe it’s reaching your target number of deals for 2020. Maybe it’s about starting new habits or ending old ones. Maybe it’s doing that thing you promised you’d achieve this year. No matter what it is, now is the time to commit and finish strong. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

How many appointments will you book?

How many listings will you take?

How many closings?

How much revenue?

What about savings goals and money set aside for taxes?

So answer these questions for the remainder of 2020:

What books do you need to read?

What topics do you need to learn about?

What events will you attend?

What people do you need to know or follow?

Make Your Promises Public and hold yourself accountable to your promises to yourself. Once you’ve answered these questions, do not stick them away in a drawer. Do the opposite… Make it public information. Get them “up and visual” in front of you and your tribe. Track your numbers and measure your progress every day. The more emphasis you put on the numbers, the more you’ll follow through on the actions to achieve them. Remember, how you finish 2020 will also determine how you start 2021. Come January 1, will you be starting from a standstill, or will you be flying into the new year full of momentum? The harder you run in this sprint to the finish line, the better position you’re going to be in once 2021 arrives.

Which begs a few more questions you need to answer now:

When will you create your 2021 business plan?

Where do you need to expand your business to achieve your 2021 goals?

What resources do you need to achieve your 2021 goals? Is it time to start growing your team?

Take a Look at the Bigger Picture. Right now is also a good time to look beyond your business and check in on the equities of your life:







Wisdom & Learning

You might want to make a chart or simply ask yourself if you’re trending in the right or wrong direction in these categories. What do you need to work on to achieve better balance?

You’ve Come A Long Way. Don’t Stop Now!

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