Time to Connect

The most important time of year is quickly approaching. As listings ease let’s not relax quite yet! Now is the time, you have TIME, to do the things that are important. That important thing is connecting with your clients over the holidays.

Below is how others and myself have found great success connecting with my most valued clients.

Holiday Visit Plan Idea Checklist  – Nov 23 – Dec 23, 2020
  1. Create the client visit list (anyone who bought, sold, asked for help in 2020, service providers, A clients )
  2. Gift – baking, wine, coffee mug, turkey, gift wrap, chocolate, etc. $15 budget
  3. Calendar or Day Planner or Christmas Card
  4. Year in review letter on holiday letterhead ( photo of the year on letter )
  5. Call in advance and book 45 minute visits. ( Max 4 visits a day )
  6. Rest of database just gets letter and Christmas card in mail

Think about it, we are in the relationship business and this letter invited my clients in to my personal and professional life. This helped deepen my relationships and find more items we have in common. They loved to read the letter every year. The next item was to have all my calendars delivered into the office by the middle of November to put my holiday letter and a calendar into large white envelopes. Then I would take my database and make a list of names and phone numbers of all my A and B clients. These are the people I would want to personally see from Mid-November until Mid-December… this was usually about 100 clients. Print their address labels out and place them on the envelopes with the holiday letter and their calendar.

If you prefer it also works well to write a Christmas Card or order a Day timer instead of a calendar with your year in review letter. Keep in mind the calendar was not the secret weapon to my success. It’s about connecting. Feel free to be creative too… it’s all about the relational contact and something to put in their hands to be Top of Mind. The final item was to find and purchase a hundred small holiday gifts. I chose Poinsettia flowers or homemade spiced apple cider mix, scented candle, bottle of mini bailey’s, holiday scratch and win ticket, homemade peanut brittle or Purdy’s chocolates… Now is a great time to support local businesses. I tried to maintain about a $15 item budget. Now I have my Santa client pack ready and then came the most important part of all…

…Booking the appointments.

Then take the time to personally call and set up a “pop by” socially responsible holiday visit. I would let them know when I arrived that I had another visit so couldn’t stay too long. TIP – when booking appointments let them know why you are coming. If I called and left a message they wouldn’t call back?! When I called again I said I had a little something for them for the holiday season and they would say “oh, we thought you wanted to sell our house and were not interested so didn’t call you back”

So many Realtors lose touch with their clients and the holidays is the easiest excuse to connect. Plan ahead. Get creative and be safe this holiday season, and give your clients a reason to remember you.

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