Buyer Presentations (during Covid)

Today we’re looking at how the traditional buyer presentation simply isn’t enough in today’s market. It’s a huge investment of a Realtor’s time and must be done wisely. Here are a few steps to consider:

Step 1 – Build rapport and trust using the FORD technique: Family, Occupation, Recreation,Dreams

Step 2 – Take the buyers out on a Safe Island. Explain to them what you will discuss and cover before it happens making them comfortable.

Step 3 – Market discussions, comparable of recent sales in their search criteria, stats and graphs educating them on the current market.

Step 4 – Pre planned Open ended Questions – Who, what, where, when, why, how?
Why do you want to buy?
When do you want to be moved by?
How will you pay for the purchase? Cash or finance?
If they say financed….who are the financing with?

Step 5 – Finances in order – Critical for buyers to have a finance letter, have their mortgage broker available at offer presentation for a reference call on their behalf from the seller or seller’s agent. All cash offer options. Sell the benefit to the buyer meeting with your finance representative and get the buyer’s permission to call and set their appointment.

Step 6 – Deposits – Big deposit that actually accompanies the offer to show strong intent to the sellers. Deposit at acceptance or half at acceptance and half at completion.

Step 7 – The Appraisal dilemma of appraisal coming up short and their financial ability to bring more cash to close for the sale.

Step 8 – Bully – Pre-Emptive offers. Discussion with buyers to present offers prior to presentation date and keep sending offers until we get response or acceptance and try avoiding multiple offers.

Step 9 – Multiple Offer Strategies. Sit down and share all the strategies you have increasing their chances of being the winning bidder.

Step 10 – Pre home Inspection during their viewing. Arrange for the home inspection to be done during their booked 30 minute viewing time slot and write without an inspection clause in the offer.

Step 11 – Preferential offer ( contractually not enforceable ) “The buyer will pay $5,000 more than the highest offer.”

Step 12 – Platinum buyer plan discussing all the ways you go about finding the buyer off market properties to offer on.

Step 13 – Discussing with the buyers that maybe this isn’t the right market for them?

Step 14 – Discussing how they want to play the game? What game they would like you to play on their behalf to compete in this crazy market?

Step 15 – Close for the written commitment. Having them sign an exclusive buyers agreement for you to put these strategies in place and give them a competitive edge as a buyer in this market.

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